Beach Reservation & Operation Management, Simplified

Streamline your entire beach reservation experience with koastieTM, an intuitive cloud-based application built for the beach.

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Koastie Dashboard
Algorithm Process

Powerful online booking uses a smart seating system

koastie's advanced algorithm intuitively places guests in the best available seat for each day of their reservation. Eliminate overbooking, reduce time shuffling set-ups, and keep customers happy.

Manage all of your locations from a single account

Our well-thought-out interface allows you to quickly switch between multiple locations from anywhere within the application.

Location Switched UI
Koastie Calendar View

Forecast occupancy with a glance

Whether you're looking at the week ahead or further into the future, koastie's built-in calendar allows your team to easily check the occupancy status of all locations.

Move, swap, and release seat reservations with ease

Move seats for a day or for the duration of a reservation. Need to move booking dates up a week? No problem. Quickly make complex seating changes without the need for a new reservation.

Seating UI
Integration Options

Limitless Integrations

We realize not all businesses operate in the same way. That's why we built koastie for limitless integrations. Whether choosing where you want to send data for reporting, which payment processor you'd prefer, or even something more unique to your business model, koastie has solutions for you.

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